Marlin sunshades


North Central High School - Spokane, WA


S-10 Outrigger System


Eco-Soleil Single Blade System


Versatile single blade aluminum shade that can be attached vertically or horizontally.  

Variable installation angels from

   0 to -35° and from 0 to +35°






It was developed to meet the demands of buildings designed to lower energy usage, as well as providing architectural appeal.  This single blade shade has a variety of options, with blade sizes from 6" to 14".  

This shade can be attached vertically or horizontally with the horizontal design allowing for multiple rows of blades per opening.  The versatile attachment bracket does not compromise the thermally separated integrity of the curtain walls, while allowing for a variety of installation angels from 0 to -35° and from 0 to +35°.

Extruded from 6063-T5 aluminum with a minimum wall thickness of .125.  Wall thickness is increased to .1875 at the bracket attachment location.  This sunshade is designed for use with all of Marlin System 60 Curtain Wall.

FINISH: A variety of finishes are available.  There are 6 anodized colors and custom paint to match virtually any color as selected by design teams.

The Eco-Soleil sunshade can be customized to many configurations, including inside and outside corners. 

S-10 Sunshade