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Website is currently being updated

Marlin offers a full line of thermally efficient windows in a commercial line by combining a rigid polyurethane "thermal barrier" as an integral part of commercial rated window extrusions.    

Marlin has the products to fulfill your architectural and mechanical requirements within your budget parameters. Each Marlin commercial window is custom factory-fabricated with positive sealing weatherstripping, quality hardware and extruded aluminum glass stops to ensure long lasting performance. 

Our commercial products are available with or without nailing flange and make an excellent upgrade for residential applications.  

Sturdy construction, unexcelled vision area, and versatile architectural applications make these windows a popular choice for a wide variety of residential and commercial building styles.

Clean, modern styling and durable anodized finishes make these windows as attractive as they are functional. 

Thermal Barrier in AT-35 Vent Frame

Thermal Barrier in AT-35 Vent Frame



Marlin offers both anodized and painted finishes in any available specification or color. Because custom colored windows require extended lead times for color  selection, sample submittal, and production as well as additional cost for setup  and minimum order quantities, Marlin recommends this as an option for larger projects that allow for added time.

For fast track and smaller jobs, Marlin inventories the two most popular anodized finishes - dark bronze and clear anodized.  In addition Marlin's commercial line windows are also available in a white painted finish, since  these products are often used as a residential upgrade.

t.i.e. technology

Extruded aluminum has proven over time to be the best material for long lasting,  low maintenance commercial windows. Marlin Windows uses high quality aluminum  alloys best suited for window applications. All Marlin windows use extruded  exterior glass stops to allow matching anodized finishes and provide extra  strength under negative window loads.

Marlin thermally improved extrusions are accomplished by placing a specially designed cavity in the extrusion that is filled with a high density polyurethane. The bottom side of the cavity is then debridged with a saw,  resulting in two separate extrusions that are held together by the polyurethane  "thermal barrier". This provides a higher resistance to heat loss and  condensation.