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System 50 - 2" x 5" Sloped Glazing

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Marlin System 50 slope glazing is a custom fabricated system for overhead glazing applications. Internal condensation gutters allow moisture to be drained to a continuous transition gutter. It features a rigid polyurethane "thermal barrier" as an integral part of the framing members to ensure outstanding thermal performance.

System 50 has a 2" x 5" rafter designed to accept a steel insert for longer spans. The system is assembled with screw race construction or shear block method. Snap in fillers conceal bolt connections at head and transition to provide a clean attractive appearance.

The system accepts 1/4" to 1" glazing options. Glazing is accomplished from the exterior with screw applied pressure plates and wet seal. Snap on cover caps provide a clean, flush grid appearance

Marlin Sunrooms Quality Features

Thermally Broken Framing - Isolates the exterior metal from the interior to reduce heat loss and condensation.

Variable Roof Pitch - Custom designed and built to meet your exact needs

Internal Gutter System - Provides drainage for any condensation that may appear (a must for enclosing a hot tub).

Screw Race Construction - Allows for faster and stronger fabrication and installation which will save you money.


Results of performance test include:

-Air infiltration per ASTM E283: 0.05 cfm @6.24 psf.

-No water penetration per ASTM E331: up to 15 psf.

-Structural Loads per ASTM E330: +80 psf.

-CRF rating per AAMA 1502.7: 74


Bring the beauty of the outdoors into your home, rain or shine, with the addition of a Marlin sunroom.

Ideal for enclosing a hot tub, patio or greenhouse area.



Aluminum framing shall be Marlin System 50 as manufactured by Marlin Windows


All framing shall be aluminum extrusions of 6063-T5 alloy & temper with a minimum wall thickness of .094" All members shall have a ridge polyurethane "thermal-barrier" as an integral part of the extrusion which eliminates all direct contact between the interior and exterior aluminum sections. Top extruded dress cap and other formed trim sections shall have a minimum wall thickness of .050"


Standard architectural Class II anodic color conforming to Aluminum Association AA-M12-C22-A34 for dark bronze or AA-M12-C22-A31 for clear anodize. (Architectural Class I and organic coatings available).


Aluminum framing shall have a 2" face width and a depth of 5". The rafter, purlin and ridge assembly shall have condensation gutters to drain moisture to the exterior. Sill member shall have weep holes at each rafter and run continuous. Purlin joint to rafter shall be slid in and run continuous without the use of clips or notching to form a tight leak proof joint. All fasteners for rafter to ridge and base assembly shall be concealed to form tight clean joints. No exposed screws, bolts or clips shall be allowed.


System shall be tested in accordance with AAMA 501 and meet the requirements of ASTM E 283 for air infiltration, and ASTM E 330 for structural performance. Deflection of mullions shall be limited to L/175 when subjected to the project design pressure of ____ P.S.F. (Architect to specify)


Marlin system 50 shall accommodate 1" glazing as required. Provisions for 1/4" glazing shall be accommodated by use of an adapter. Exterior glazing seal shall be accomplished with a pre-shim polymer tape and secondary silicone wet pressure plate fastened to main members. Interior glazing seal shall be neoprene sponge installed in main members.


Glass and framing shall be installed straight, plumb, and level without twisting and securely anchored in place. All joints between framing and the building exterior shall be sealed to provide a watertight installation.


The General Contractor shall provide adequate protection of the aluminum and glass surface from damage by grinding compound, lime, acids, cement or other contaminants. The General Contractor shall be responsible for final cleaning.

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