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System 45 - 2" x 6" Storefront Framing

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Marlin System 45T 6" storefront framing systems feature heavy wall (.094), rugged aluminum extrusions.

System 45 (6") has 2" x 6" frame members that are flush glazed with 1" insulating glass or panels. A glazing adaptor is available to accept 1/4" glazing if required.

System 45 offers door jambs, headers and thresholds to accept any medium or wide stile aluminum entrance package.



Aluminum framing shall be Marlin System 45T 6" thermally improved as manufactured by Marlin Windows.


All framing shall be aluminum extrusions of 6063-T5 alloy & temper. System 45T 6" shall have a rigid polyurethane "thermal barrier" as an integral contact between the interior and exterior aluminum sections including the door framing members utilizing a "thermal break" door stop. Glazing gaskets shall be extruded E.P.D.M.


Standard architectural Class II anodic color conforming to Aluminum Association AA-M12-C22-A34 for dark bronze or AA-M12-C22-A31 for clear anodize. (Architectural Class I and Class II anodic finishes and organic coatings available).


Aluminum framing shall have a 2" face width and a depth of 6" and provide for flush glazing without projected stops. The system shall use a continuous subsill. Optional thermally improved concealed project-out vent (Architect to specify). Additional sight line shall not exceed 1 3/8".  Maximum vent size 60" x 36".


System shall be tested in accordance with AAMA 501 and meet the requirements of ASTM E 283 for air infiltration, and ASTM E 331 for water penetration, and ASTM E 330 for structural performance. Deflection of mullions shall be limited to L/175 when subjected to the project design pressure of ____ P.S.F. (Architect to specify)


Marlin System 45T 6" shall accommodate 1" glazing as required. Provisions for 1/4" glazing shall be accommodated by use of an adapter.


Glass and framing shall be installed straight, plumb, and level without twisting and securely anchored in place. All joints between framing and the building exterior shall be sealed to provide a watertight installation.


The General Contractor shall provide adequate protection of the aluminum and glass surface from damage by grinding compound, lime, acids, cement or other contaminants. The General Contractor shall be responsible for final cleaning.

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