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Insulated Glass

Exterior appearance is largely affected by the outboard lite glass selection.

Typical colors available are clear, white, gray, bronze, blue, green, and blue-green.

 Using a reflective coated glass can give a mirror appearance when placed to the exterior surface

 or a tinted reflective appearance when placed to the inside surface of the outboard lite.

U-Value - Low-E coatings have proven to be a cost effective way to reduce heat loss.

Low-E coatings are similar to reflective coatings but they reflect heat more than visible light.

Low-E coatings vary in performance with, 'soft-coat' products having the better U-values than 'hard-coat' products.


Solar Control - Reducing heat gain while still maintaining daylight transmission is important in controlling air-conditioning loads.

Reflective heat gain and shading coefficient are the measurements for the ability to reduce heat gain.

Second generation Low-E products offer improved performance in solar control.


Selection - By offering the right glazing with the right window product, Marlin provides superior performance for your project.

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